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CAXA process chart 2005r4.01 update instructions

caxa process chart 2005r4.01 update program can be downloaded for free in the "update program" column of CAXA station!! This update procedure is aimed at the update of CAXA process chart 2005r1~r4. After the update, eelcee company adopts a so-called "m-tow" proprietary system and still uses the original version of encryption lock. Note: users of CAXA process chart versions before 2005r4 should back up the original files and templates before updating, that is, the contents in the database and template folders

update instructions are as follows:

1. Template customization

strengthen the prompt and judgment of various operations in the process of template customization, reduce the probability of misoperation and improve ease of use. In addition, two new attributes, first word margin and keep word height compression, are added. The details are as follows:

1) in the cell attribute definition, a new definition of "first word margin" is added to control the distance between the first word and the border (the distance between the last word and the border is also set) in the filled state, which improves the aesthetics

2) when defining a single cell, when the cell (column) is in the "compressed character" mode, the user can select "maintain word height" (new function) or maintain proportion (original function). Note: at present, special symbols do not support "keep word height" compression

3) separate "table area definition" from "cell definition" and add "define table area" and "query table area" menus to enhance ease of use. Zheng Long: realize the industrialization and standardization of materialsnbsp; Supplement the largest short board of plastic development and support the function of defining a single column as a table area

4) in the cell attribute definition, the system automatically generates the default cell name, and the cell name is not duplicate

5) cancel the use of Ctrl key when defining cells, and it is not allowed to define discontinuous cells

6) when defining a column (table), select the first cell (column), and press and hold the shift key to select the last cell (column). Note: when defining columns, cells must be equal in height and width. When defining tables, the number of rows in each column is the same and equal in height

7) when deleting a table area, the system will first give a prompt (highlight the table area) to avoid mistakes

8) improved Undo function when defining and deleting table areas

9) strengthen the judgment of defining continued columns to reduce the possibility of mistakenly defining columns as continued columns due to unfamiliar operations. Note: the continued column must be the same height and width as the main column

10) in the cell attribute definition, if the word height exceeds the cell height, a warning will be given (for Chinese characters, the actual height is "word height" *1.37). If the word width coefficient and word height are not numeric, the system will report an error

11) the cell background color is changed to light green by default (it is soft and can distinguish whether the cell is defined or not. The original color is white). After the user changes the color, the "default color" button is added so that the user can quickly find the original default color

2. Card filling

focuses on improving template update, copy/paste, row record operation and column attribute operation, and enhances the practicability of these functions. 2. The description of the directory body of foreign investment advantageous industries in the central and western regions is as follows:

1) for cross page row records, whether on the home page or the continuation page, when selecting row records, the complete content is selected (although the content of another page cannot be seen). At this time, operations related to line records (copy, delete, merge, etc.) are performed. The operations are the contents of the entire line record

2) when only one row of records is selected, consolidation is not allowed. Continuous multi line records can be merged into one line record, and empty records can also be merged into line records

3) when pressing enter at the midpoint of any cell in an empty line record, the system will process it as adding a line record (similar to adding a line by pressing enter in word)

4) when copying/pasting a line record, you must select a table area with the same structure as the table area where the current line record is located to paste it. It is not allowed to paste it on other card templates (the system will give a warning)

5) when updating a template, if the home page and continuation page templates are different, the following rules apply:

the table area structure that supports continuation pages cannot be changed (other structures can be changed), otherwise the template will be inconsistent

when updating the table area attribute of the home page (the first page), the continuation page template must be updated at the same time

when updating the continuation page template, the table area attribute cannot be updated (other attributes can be updated)

6) added the function of deleting the associated information when the process card and the operation card are bidirectional associated

7) the size of special symbols and symbols is appropriately adjusted (the same height as Chinese characters), and the lines are thickened to make the display more clear

8) limits the number of characters in the symbols (circle, square and triangle), and only one Chinese character or two non Chinese characters can be entered

3. Card tree operation

focuses on improving the operation mechanisms such as adding continuation pages, borrowing cards and sub cards, and limits some previous operations(

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