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CAXA PLM Taiyuan high level seminar explores the innovation strategy of equipment manufacturing industry

with the approach of spring, China's economy, which has withstood the impact of the global financial crisis, has also revealed a trace of warmth. On March 26, "caxa2009 'Digital Collaborative Innovation and fine manufacturing mode - PLM high level seminar" (hereinafter referred to as caxaplm high level seminar) was held in Yingze Hotel, Taiyuan city. The representatives of Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group, Jinxi machinery industry group, Nanfang Heavy Automobile Co., Ltd., Taiyuan boiler group and other key enterprises in the equipment manufacturing industry in Shanxi Province participated in the seminar, such as Taiyuan Heavy Machinery Group, Shanxi No. 1 machine tool plant, etc

caxav5plm division deputy general manager Bo Jianyuan elaborated on the functions, relationships, collaborative values and enterprise informatization planning of PLM and ERP, the two hot areas of current manufacturing informatization, which made the participants fully realize that the implementation of degradable materials is the general trend and PLM project is an effective way to realize the informatization of equipment manufacturing industry. This also provides an effective way for enterprises to integrate the isolated island information system based on historical reasons, which can replace one gasket cylinder, strengthen the standardization and accuracy of basic data, and improve the efficiency of business process collaboration

Liuaijun, deputy general manager of CAXA planning department, made a report entitled "integrated PLM solution for design process of large and medium-sized equipment enterprises" to the delegates, introducing the successful case of China Erzhong Group, one of the first 21 major technology and equipment localization bases in China, using caxaplm to create a fast and smooth Technology R & D pipeline, which aroused strong response from the delegates

Director Wang hoped that CAXA would seize the opportunity for great development Dr. Lei Yi expressed great gratitude to deputy director Yan and his delegation for their guidance to CAXA. "CAXA's achievements today are due to the protection of domestic software and the vigorous promotion of national software legalization. As a leading supplier of CAD and PLM industrial software in China, CAXA will pay more attention to software R & D and service in the future, actively cooperate with the national copyright administration to promote the use of legitimate software by enterprises, and enhance the informatization and core competitiveness of Chinese enterprises. "

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