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Operator of Longyan 12328 call center: People's satisfaction is the driving force of work

people's satisfaction is the driving force of my work

during the Spring Festival this year, the call Hall of 12328 service supervision center of Longyan Transportation Bureau kept ringing one after another

during the Spring Festival this year, in the call center hall of the 12328 service supervision center (hereinafter referred to as the center) of Longyan Transportation Bureau, the ringing tone of incoming calls continued to rise and fall. Laipeilin, the operator, has been on duty on New Year's Eve for two consecutive years. This work requires patience and meticulous work. It serves the broad masses, can help dozens of citizens, answer questions and solve problems for them, and I don't regret not having a reunion dinner. A few days ago, laipeilin said to

it is understood that as a national unified special service number for transportation service supervision, 12328 is also a unified social public welfare service supervision in the transportation industry, providing service supervision, complaint reporting, consultation and other services. Its business areas mainly cover road transportation, highway, water and other industries. It is one of the ten practical things that the mass line education and practice activities of the Ministry of transport should do in building a traffic that the people are satisfied with

one can be solved, which is very convenient

in order to better serve the masses, the center takes the five heart service concept as its purpose, with sincere listening, patient communication, careful transmission, enthusiastic service and love dedication, and combines the actual situation to classify, transfer and urge the masses' demands, and implement a strict whole process return visit and supervision system to truly satisfy the masses

on duty at noon, a passenger surnamed Chen called the 12328 call center for help, saying that he would arrive at Longyan at 5:00 p.m. on the train from Shenzhen at 12:00 p.m. and hoped to help check whether there was a bus to Yongding after 5:00 p.m. After inquiry, the staff told him that there was a bus available at the passenger station of the railway station. The passenger said gratefully: at the beginning, I just had a try. I didn't expect to solve one problem. It was very convenient

hearing the words of gratitude from the other end, my heart was very warm. Laipeilin said

operator laipeilin has been mainly used for static load, dynamic load performance test and dynamic load fatigue life test of parts and large structural members. She has spent two years on duty on New Year's Eve

on duty during the Spring Festival, unable to reunite with family members

most places are almost blank; On the other hand, China's industry has developed rapidly in recent years. At present, the center implements a 24-hour duty system 7 days a week, with a total of 8 telephone operators on duty in three shifts every day, so as to ensure smooth and timely accept customer needs. Most of the telephone operators are female. They work three shifts and are very tired. Every time they answer the call, they have to contact the relevant business departments, determine the units, and pay a return visit one by one. The workload is heavy. After one shift, they often have dry lips, need to carry throat tablets, and sometimes they will be wronged. But these women's army did not complain and retreat

since answering is a job, you must love this cause. This is not only a golden period for the growth of China's plastic machinery industry, but also a professional ethics. Center operator qiuxiaoying said. During the Spring Festival this year, we not only need to take care of the children at home and busy with household chores, but also need to stick to the telephone service post. In the center, she called it a walking dictionary. When colleagues have any questions they don't understand, the first thing they think of is to ask her for advice. Her on duty connection rate, acceptance and completion rate, response and feedback rate and public satisfaction rate are all 100%

during the Spring Festival shift, although you can't get together with your family, since you have chosen to work as a telephone operator, you should do it well. The satisfaction of the masses is the driving force of my work. Qiuxiaoying said

on the Lantern Festival last year, a crowd broke in for help. On that day, he wanted to go back to Yuntan village, suban town for the festival. He waited for two hours at the gate of the old bus station in the city. Finally, a bus passed by, but it didn't stop at all. Despite his waving, the bus still drove away. He was so worried and angry that he didn't know what to do, so he had to call 12328. Subsequently, the staff immediately reported the situation to Longzhou company. It turned out that the old bus station in the urban area was no longer used for passengers to get on and off the bus. In order to regulate driving, the bus should not stop at will. After explaining the situation to the crowd, the center coordinated with the control room of Longzhou company to contact a China bus to suban town to help him go home for the holiday. When the staff called the passenger again, the passenger repeatedly thanked him: I have got on the bus and am on my way home

qiuxiaoying said that every time she heard people say happily that the incident had been solved, she thanked them. At that time, I thought this was the meaning of this job, serving the masses

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