LonWorks technology makes Taipingshao power plant

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LonWorks technology makes the dam of Taipingshao power plant safer

project overview

Taipingshao hydropower station is located in the lower reaches of Hunjiang River and Kuandian County, Liaoning Province. It is the third cascade hydropower station on the main stream of Hunjiang River. The Taipingshao hydropower station dam is a concrete gravity dam with a length of 556m and a maximum height of 44m. The dam has 36 dam sections and a total storage capacity of 209million cubic meters

whether the dam can operate safely is related to the operation of the power plant and the safety of life and property at upstream and downstream. In order to correctly understand the uplift pressure on the dam foundation, so as to find out in time and take remedial measures to prevent the dam from accidents, it is necessary to continuously observe the uplift pressure of the dam for a long time

there are 83 uplift pressure measuring points, which are basically evenly distributed in the observation gallery and grouting gallery. An itw-2201 intelligent uplift pressure sensor is installed in each measuring hole of the system. These sensors are connected to a field bus across the corridor and share the bus with other observation equipment. Itw-2201 intelligent uplift pressure sensor contains neuron chip and 12 bit a/d converter, which directly converts the pressure signal into digital signal, and transmits the measurement results to the upper computer through lontalk network protocol

the pclta adapter is installed on the upper computer to run the dam safety monitoring software. It can complete the comprehensive monitoring of the internal temperature and stress of the dam

why LonWorks technology should be adopted

dam observation automation technology has a history of 20 years. At present, there are two solutions in domestic applications. One is to use the products of American geocon, and the other is to use domestic imitation products for more than 20 products that can be produced in China. In both methods, several multi-functional measurement units (MCUs) are installed at appropriate locations in the dam gallery. Each MCU adopts a bus structure and can be installed with an expansion board to complete the measurement automation of various dam observation instruments such as internal observation and uplift pressure. The MCU and the upper computer are connected by means of communication. Generally, the upper computer sends instructions to each MCU of the following flexible packaging structure that has or is changing in turn by means of polling to carry out measurement

geocon products adopt FSK mode for communication, and most domestic products adopt RS-485 mode. The main problem of this method is that the price of MCU is high and the structure is complex. Once it is damaged, it will have a great impact on the system. At the same time, the products of various manufacturers are incompatible and the system maintenance is difficult. In case of fine lines, since the uplift pressure measuring points are evenly distributed in the dam, if only a few MCU are installed, a large number of cables need to be laid, and the installation and maintenance are also complex

the dam uplift pressure automatic observation system based on LonWorks technology can completely solve these problems. Due to the powerful communication capability and low cost of LonWorks, the uplift pressure sensor with neuron chip can be installed at each measuring point, and the sensor is connected through the LonWorks bus in the corridor. In this way, only one communication cable needs to be laid, which saves a lot of cables. The intermediate links of the observation system are reduced, the installation and maintenance are simpler, and the reliability and fault tolerance of the system are enhanced

features and difficulties

extremely easy to install. Install the uplift pressure sensor directly at each measuring point, and connect the power supply and communication cable to work normally

easy to maintain. If there is a fault, just replace the damaged sensor

good scalability. Interfaces with internal observation, vertical line, inclination, double standard, water leakage and other observation equipment are reserved, which can further directly form the dam safety monitoring system. Have the ability to share the bus with other devices


the system was put into operation in october1998. After one year's operation practice, it is proved that the system has the characteristics of accurate measurement, simple structure, simple installation and maintenance, and high reliability. It saves a lot of manpower, improves the observation quality and shortens the observation time

the implementation unit

the system is developed, installed and commissioned by Shenyang Haizhi hydropower New Technology Research Institute. Cbn-2202 intelligent uplift pressure sensor produced by Shenyang Furui Longtian Technology Co., Ltd. is adopted

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