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Longyan: the machinery industry has embarked on a new journey to show a new product demonstration as a multi-functional dust suppression vehicle produced by

Longgong excavator


Changfeng emergency rescue lighting vehicle

Longhe Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is demonstrating an omni-directional handling robot

On November 8, the 9th cross strait Machinery Industry Expo and the 11th China Longyan investment project Fair (hereinafter referred to as the "CIFIT") will be opened in Longyan Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition area of this "CIFIT" is 25000 square meters, with a total of about 1200 booths. Seven exhibition areas are set up, including "industrial development", "engineering and sanitation machinery", "military civilian integration and emergency equipment", "special vehicles" and "intelligent manufacturing". More than 500 sets of various mechanical equipment and more than 5000 pieces of instruments, tools, functional components and accessories are displayed on site. At present, more than 500 domestic and foreign exhibitors have been confirmed to participate in the exhibition

Longyan not only has a profound red culture, but also has a steadily developing machinery industry. China Longgong, Longma sanitation, Longjing environmental protection... These famous and powerful enterprises in the mechanical equipment industry are all from Longyan. The mechanical equipment industry is one of the key industries in Longyan city. After years of development, three industrial clusters of automobile, environmental protection machinery and engineering machinery have been formed. The market share and technical level of various products are in the leading position in China. How can a mountain city integrate its resource advantages, speed up industrial layout and structural adjustment, and occupy an important place in the field of machinery industry

From January to September 2018, there were 225 Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size in Longyan machinery and equipment manufacturing industry. The industrial added value increased by 12.5% over the same period of the previous year. The main business income was 29.218 billion yuan, an increase of 14.01%, the total profit was 2.454 billion yuan, an increase of 68.94%, and the total tax was 536million yuan, an increase of 7.48%. After more than ten years of exploration and development, the machinery industry has undoubtedly become one of the most prominent advantageous industries in Longyan, and has provided a strong driving force and injected new vitality into the economic development of the old area in Western Fujian

in June this year, China Machinery Industry Federation officially awarded Longyan the title of "China's famous special purpose vehicle city". Longyan has become another important special purpose vehicle industry base in China

according to the introduction of Longyan Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, Longyan has one complete vehicle enterprise, 11 special vehicle enterprises in the announcement, more than 200 parts enterprises, and more than 1000 special vehicle product announcements. According to the statistics of Hanyang Special Purpose Vehicle Research Institute, Longyan special purpose vehicle enterprises rank fourth among prefecture level cities in China, accounting for about 50% of the province. Nine products ranked among the top three in the industry segment, and 14 products ranked among the top six in the industry segment. The added value of Longyan special vehicle products is significantly higher than the national average level, and the value of some special vehicle products exceeds 2million yuan. In 2017, the city produced about 20000 special purpose vehicles, 4.8 times that of 2011, with an average annual growth of more than 25%

among them, many leading enterprises with special vehicle characteristics were born. Among them, Fujian Longma environmental sanitation equipment Co., Ltd. ranks the second in the field of environmental sanitation vehicles in China in terms of overall scale and technical strength. It is the first listed company focusing on the field of environmental sanitation in China, with a market share of more than 20% in the medium and high-end environmental sanitation cleaning vehicles; Longyan haidexin Automobile Co., Ltd. is a leading professional service provider of emergency automobile solutions in China. Its emergency rescue lighting vehicles rank first in the country, with a product market share of 67.39%; The passenger car type mobile energy storage and charging vehicle developed by Longyan Changfeng Special Automobile Co., Ltd. fills the gap of domestic high-end power generation vehicle products

nowadays, the technological innovation strength of special vehicles in Longyan city is continuously enhanced. According to the introduction, Longyan's special vehicle enterprises have established R & D cooperation relations with more than 20 scientific research institutes such as the China Automotive Technology Research Center. The whole industrial chain of special vehicles in the city has 19 national high-tech enterprises and 16 innovative enterprises in Fujian Province. In the past three years, only the special vehicle enterprises in the announcement have invested 615million yuan in R & D, won more than 20 provincial-level scientific and technological progress and related awards, and owned more than 800 patents, LED and participated in the drafting of more than 10 national, industrial and local standards. In addition, as recognized by the central ministries and commissions and relevant departments and bureaus directly under the provincial government, 7 products such as large flow drainage emergency vehicles have filled the gap in the domestic and foreign markets, the overall technical indicators and performance have reached the international leading level, and 38 products such as emergency rescue lighting vehicles have reached the international leading or domestic advanced level. In terms of brand influence, the strength is also increasing day by day. At present, Longyan City has 1 famous trademark in China, 19 famous trademarks in Fujian Province and 18 famous brand products in Fujian Province

at the moment when the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection is prevalent, the new energy special vehicles in Longyan City have been booming. According to the data, in 2017, Longyan city produced and sold more than 5800 new energy special vehicles, accounting for about 35% of the total production and sales of new energy vehicles in Fujian Province. Among them, xinlongma pure electric logistics vehicles ranked second in the country's segments

behind these data, it reveals the solid accumulation of Longyan City in building a "famous city of special purpose vehicles in China". Why can this mountainous city in Western Fujian make such a breakthrough in the field of special vehicles? It is understood that the processing accuracy and difficulty requirements of Longyan are not too high. The automobile industry started early, and the first low-speed truck was manufactured as early as 1970. In the early 1990s, the production and sales of Longyan Longma agricultural trucks ranked first in China for three consecutive years, with more than 30000 vehicles. On the basis of a number of old industrial enterprises such as Longma automobile, Longyan has gradually cultivated and developed a number of excellent special vehicles and parts enterprises. Development is also inseparable from the attention of the government. Since 2017, Longyan City has implemented the "double cultivation" action plan, issued various targeted policies, accelerated the promotion of key special vehicle projects, and formed a certain industrial cluster. In addition, the special vehicle branch of Fujian Automobile Industry Association, Longyan Branch of national automobile quality supervision and Inspection Center (Chongqing) and Longyan Service Center for small and medium-sized enterprises were established by using software programs to control the sampling interval and total sampling time. The completion of the above platforms has played a driving role in improving the core competitiveness of Longyan special vehicle industry and building the regional brand of Longyan special vehicle

the relevant person in charge of Longyan Municipal Commission of economy and information technology said that in the future, taking the opportunity of obtaining the "famous city of special purpose vehicles in China", we will accelerate the improvement of public services, improve brand and quality awareness, make persistent efforts to achieve new achievements, and accelerate the high-quality development of the mechanical equipment industry represented by special purpose vehicles

intelligent manufacturing promotes industrial transformation and upgrading

in the workshop of Fujian Qiaolong emergency equipment Co., Ltd., workers are in the final inspection stage of the newly developed fire-fighting remote water supply pressurized water truck this year. Technical workers can start it with a remote control button in their hands, replacing the original step-by-step operation process according to logic; Outside the plant, the parent-child drainage rescue vehicle series, large flow drainage rescue vehicle series, high-altitude water supply and drainage rescue vehicle series and other products are being operated and demonstrated in an intelligent way...

as one of the leading enterprises in Longyan City for special vehicles, emergency equipment and military civilian integration, the company now has more than 80 national patented technologies (17 inventions), and has undertaken (obtained) more than 10 national, provincial and municipal science and technology projects, It is the first high-tech enterprise in China to develop hydraulic driven emergency drainage and rescue equipment, a national intellectual property advantage enterprise, and an innovative enterprise in Fujian Province

chenronghua, executive deputy general manager of Fujian Qiaolong emergency equipment Co., Ltd., introduced that at present, Fujian Qiaolong emergency equipment Co., Ltd. can customize products according to different scenarios and different needs of customers. In combination with modern communication technology, Fujian Qiaolong has built the "longshuibing" emergency command center, introduced foreign advanced products and technologies, and established a joint venture with German RSP company in a planned way to produce emergency equipment such as pumping water for Longyan project. At the same time, Fujian Qiaolong has also carried out in-depth cooperation with Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Academy of water resources and hydropower, Shanghai Jiaotong University and other scientific research institutions in pump R & D, structural optimization, numerical simulation and other fields, relying on strong scientific research capabilities to continuously optimize and improve products

"this year, our newly developed series of remote water supply products, consisting of a water intake vehicle, a pressurizing vehicle and an independent vehicle, can deliver water within 6 kilometers to the fire site at a flow rate of 2000 liters per minute at one time, and provide 10 80mm diameter water supply mains at one time, providing uninterrupted water supply for large fire sites." Chenronghua said that this year, Fujian Qiaolong continued to maintain the trend of rapid development. Its products are operated in electronic modular mode, with a high degree of automation and intelligence

not only is it highly intelligent in Fujian Qiaolong, but a "omni-directional handling robot" in Longhe Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has attracted the attention of visitors. Only the staff at one side can control it with a hand-held remote control, and the robot can go to one side to carry the goods to the designated location according to the command and operation of the staff

these are just a microcosm of the application of Intelligent Manufacturing in various fields in Longyan city. In recent years, Longyan municipal Party committee and government attach great importance to intelligent manufacturing, actively comply with the change of national industrial development strategy and the choice of market competition, vigorously guide enterprises to implement intelligent manufacturing, and promote the industrial upgrading of the city. All counties (cities and districts) actively issued relevant intelligent manufacturing industry support policies, supported enterprises' investment in intelligent manufacturing, and guided key industries such as machinery, electronics, food, textiles and new energy to implement the "four replacement projects" of high-end for low-end, digital for machinery, complete sets for single units, and intelligent for labor

in October 2018, Longhe Intelligent Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was recognized as a provincial intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration enterprise in 2018 by the provincial economic and Information Technology Commission

at present, some enterprises in Longyan have realized informatization, automation and intelligence in R & D and design, production process control, management, procurement and sales, e-commerce and other links. According to the preliminary data of Longyan economic and Information Technology Commission, there are 49 enterprises whose production lines are partially CNC; There are 15 enterprises that have basically realized full numerical control production; There are 9 intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprises; Industrial enterprises in the city apply more than 1000 sets of high-grade CNC machine tools, mechanical arms, robots and other intelligent equipment

service + manufacturing expand new industrial space

a pile of small stones scattered on the ground can be absorbed by a sweeper in a few seconds without leaving any impurities; The dusty dirt road, sprayed by the water at the head of an environmental sanitation vehicle, looks new; When the vehicle passes by and raises dust, the multi-functional dust suppression vehicle appears, spraying water mist into the air to reduce the dust pollution... Outside the warehouse of Fujian Longma environmental sanitation equipment Co., Ltd., the environmental sanitation equipment manufactured by the company shows their "magic power" to visitors

Fujian Longma environmental sanitation equipment Co., Ltd. is an integrated environmental sanitation solution provider integrating urban and rural environmental sanitation system planning and design, investment, equipment supply and operation. It is also the first mainboard listed company focusing on the field of environmental sanitation in China. After 15 years of intensive cultivation and continuous innovation in the environmental sanitation industry, it has become a leading enterprise in the environmental sanitation industry.

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