Requirements for food packaging in Korea

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South Korea: requirements for food packaging

the South Korean food health agency has formulated and published the standard for labeling genetically modified food. The benchmark will be implemented from July 13 this year

the benchmark defines some terms, such as "genetically modified food" refers to food or food additives processed, manufactured and prepared with agricultural, livestock and aquatic products planted, cultivated and bred by genetically modified technology as raw materials; "Raw materials" refer to the substances used in the manufacture, processing and preparation of food and food additives whose ingredients are included in the final products, but do not include artificially added purified water; The "main raw materials" implemented since may28,2017 refer to the five kinds of raw materials with the largest consumption by manufacturers, processed food or food additive manufacturers; "Main identification surface" refers to the trademark and identification text printed on the outer surface of the product packaging object, and the outer surface that consumers can usually see when purchasing

the benchmark stipulates that the following foods and food additives processed and manufactured with more than one kind of genetically modified agricultural and aquatic products as the main raw materials are the identification objects: bean flour in general bean processed foods; Corn flour in general bean processed foods; Bean processed foods containing beans and bean flour in general processed foods; Cereal processed food containing corn or corn flour in general processed food; Canned soybean in general bean processed food; General cereal processing products: canned corn in the process of rapid drop of pendulum; Bread and cakes in snack food; Dried fruits of snack food; Bean curd; Tofu products; Bean cake; Soybean oil; Special foods for infants in special nutritional foods; Children's growing food with special nutritional food; Cereals for infants and young children in special nutritional foods; Other foods for infants and young children in special nutritional foods; Nutrition and nourishment in special nutritious food. Therefore, environmental experimental equipment is required to provide food in addition to the specified environmental conditions; Big sauce in condiments; Chilli sauce in condiments; Bean paste in condiments; Mixed sauce in condiments; Canned products in pickles and pickled vegetable foods; Bean cake in other food categories; Corn starch in other starch foods; Corn processed products used for processing popcorn in other food categories; Other foods with soybean, corn and bean sprouts as the main raw materials; Other foods with the food referred to in Items 1 to 26 above as the main raw material

the logo of genetically modified food must use ink, lettering or seal that cannot be smeared out. The logo font should be printed at least 10points with obvious contrast with the background color on the packaging surface and easy to be distinguished by consumers: it must be placed on the main logo of the product that is easy to be seen by consumers; The logo is "genetically modified food" or "containing genetically modified food". However, when the name of genetically modified agricultural and aquatic products used in the product raw material logo has been listed, the logo of "genetically modified" or "containing genetically modified" can be added in brackets after the name of raw materials has been listed

the benchmark stipulates that owners engaged in food manufacturing, processing, fast food sales, processing and retail, food additive manufacturing, food wholesale, distribution and sales, and food import and sales are the identification obligors of genetically modified food. However, it is also stipulated that when the fast food sales and processing industry and the retail industry display their own genetically modified food and set up stalls for sale, they can mark it on the corresponding display counters, or set up a separate identification board, without marking each product for sale; When the tofu packed in the transport sanitary box is directly sold, it can be marked on the corresponding box, or a separate identification board can be set up, and it is not necessary to mark each piece (portion) of the sold product; If the product cannot be directly identified with ink, lettering or seal due to special packaging, it can be identified by labeling, but the label must not fall off


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