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Composition of intelligent residential system and coordination of civil engineering design Abstract: taking various energy design meters as examples, this paper briefly discusses the coordination between intelligent residential system and civil engineering design, and introduces in detail the different characteristics of several energy measurement meters

key words: intelligent residential system civil engineering design in coordination with the popularization of Untitled Document computer of energy meter and the development of information industry, the concept of "intelligence" has been introduced into the construction of residential quarters and families. The Ministry of construction has listed the construction of intelligent well-off demonstration community as the national key development direction in the implementation plan of the 2000 well-off urban and rural housing technology industry project. The housing industrialization office of the Ministry of construction of the people's Republic of China also clearly pointed out that the intellectualization of residential areas is imperative in the "seminar on intelligent technology demonstration of residential areas" held in January1999. The full name of "intelligent residence" is "intelligent management system residence". There are standard information jacks like power sockets everywhere in the intelligent residence. Through a highly integrated home bus system, various security measures, information equipment and household appliances in the residence are connected to form a complete home intelligent system, which is interconnected with the community property management system with the information network as a link to form an open community management system. Therefore, the formation of intelligent housing needs the following basic conditions: 1. having a family network system equivalent to the residential nervous system; 2. be able to provide various services through this network, He said: "As a human being, it can be controlled and implemented through the equipment in the house; 3. it can access the international Internet and Regional Internet, and realize the connection with the external world such as the region and society. Specifically, such a residential intelligent system is a general term of a system that integrates fire, gas, anti-theft, security, communication and living equipment in terms of hardware. It can keep the organic connection between various equipment, and anyone can connect with the equipment at any time and anywhere Choose all the information inside and outside the home (Figure 1). At the present stage, the research on intelligent residence in China has just started. The actual engineering projects can not meet the measurement requirements of standards. The widely used residential intelligent systems include automatic fire alarm and linkage system, safety protection system, management and monitoring system, communication network system, etc. each system realizes its interface and respective functions through intelligent home wiring system and equipment. The following is only an in-depth discussion on the measurement and charging methods of various energy meters. 1、 Problems to be considered in the cooperation between intelligent residential system and civil engineering 1. pipeline 1.1 how to enter the production, as well as the wiring and laying methods of Indoor cables 2 Equipment Part 2.1 indoor setting position and requirements of various intelligent system equipment 2.2 indoor setting position and requirements of household intelligent system control box and equipment monitoring system cover a wide range of contents. The following mainly discusses the intelligent management of various household energy meters by the system. 1. comparison of metering and charging methods of various energy meters household energy meters include household watt hour meters, household water meters, household gas meters, household hot water meters, household heating heat meters, etc., among which the "three meters" which are the most widely used and necessary for urban households in China refer to the above three energy meters. At present, a considerable number of collective dwellings in China have been using the original method of household meter checking charge for energy measurement. With the improvement of living standards and housing conditions, this mode of household meter reading is becoming more and more unsuitable to the actual needs. Its disadvantages are embodied in the poor working conditions, high labor intensity and low work efficiency of the meter checking and charging personnel. At the same time, it also brings hidden dangers to the residents in terms of safety. In addition, it is often encountered that no one in the residents' homes can copy the data, and the expenses can not be settled in time. Centralized reading of water meter, electricity meter and gas meter is the inevitable trend of residential communities in the future, and it has become a necessary condition to realize the intellectualization of residential areas. Table 2 compares several typical three meter metering and charging methods at present: 2 Three meter IC card system 2.1 system working mode users pay in advance in the management center, then insert the IC card into the prepayment control unit, the control unit reads the data, and after judging its rationality, open the valve to allow users to use gas, water and electricity. When the margin is insufficient, remind the user to pay again. 2.2 the use of corresponding civil engineering interface IC cards has no special requirements for the setting positions of gas meters, water meters and electricity meters, and only needs to be transformed into prepaid control units to provide metering signals; Each gas meter and water meter has a control valve, and the electricity meter is controlled by a relay. 2.3 advantages of the system solve the problem of charging for household meter checking and realize automatic measurement; Realize multiple meters and one card, which is simple and convenient; Avoid users' possible theft, cheating and refusal to pay fees, and realize office automation. 2.3 at this stage, users with problems are easy to ignore the alarm prompt, resulting in power and water failure due to failure to pay in advance in time; It is difficult for the management department to understand the use of water, electricity and gas in the whole area; Unable to effectively control all kinds of leakage. 3. three meter data automatic reading and remote transmission system according to the planning requirements of well-off residential quarters proposed by the Ministry of construction, the new and reconstructed houses will be planned in a unified way in the future, and the unified management of water, electricity and gas meters will be gradually implemented to realize computer automatic monitoring, calculation and charging. Therefore, the construction of automatic data reading and remote transmission system of three meters has become one of the basic configurations of intelligent housing. 3.1 system composition and working mode the system is composed of pulse energy consumption meter (or ordinary energy consumption meter reform), acquisition module, acquisition terminal, concentrator, management terminal (host) and standby power supply. According to different transmission carriers, it can be divided into power line carrier and special bus meter data automatic reading and remote transmission system. The system records, stores and transmits the information data of water meters, electricity meters and gas meters through collectors at all levels. The computer in the community management center performs necessary data statistics and management, and transmits the relevant data to the power supply bureau, the water company and the gas company. At the same time, the electronic force measurement accurately and quickly calculates the electricity, water and gas fees that users should pay, and then transmits these data within the specified time


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