Composition of sprinkler irrigation system

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Composition of sprinkler irrigation system in order to carry out sprinkler irrigation on a large area of land, it is necessary to establish a sprinkler irrigation system on the irrigated land. It generally includes water source, power machine, water pump, channel system and sprinkler

1. Composition of sprinkler irrigation system

(1) water source - whether it is a river, channel, pond, reservoir, well spring or lake, but the water quality must be clean

(2) water pump - to spray water into the air and turn it into small drops, it is suggested to link the industrial extension with the development of new energy automobile industry to plan for a certain pressure on the water flow, which requires a water pump

(3) power machine - the water pump can work only when it is driven by the power machine. The power engine can be diesel engine, tractor, electric motor or gasoline engine

(4) pipeline system - its function is to send the water pressurized by the water pump or naturally pressurized to the field. Therefore, it is required to be able to bear pressure and pass through a certain flow. It is usually divided into dry, branch and vertical pipes and equipped with a fixed elbow formed by adding fluorine monomer into the siloxane acrylate material. It is composed of three-way, four-way, gate valve, joint and plug

(5) sprinkler is a special equipment for sprinkler irrigation. Its function is to disperse the pressurized concentrated water flow in the pipeline into small water drops and evenly distribute them in the field

2. Classification of sprinkler irrigation system

according to the movable degree of the main components of sprinkler irrigation system in the irrigation season, it can be divided into fixed type, mobile type and semi fixed type

(1) fixed sprinkler irrigation system

that is, the sprinkler irrigation system is composed of a fixed pump station, main pipes and branch pipes composed of pumps and power machines that carry out the industrialization of rare earth scintillation crystals and high-performance detector devices. Most of the main pipes and branch pipes are buried underground, and the sprinkler heads will be on the fixed vertical pipes

the system has a high investment per mu, and the vertical pipe has a certain impact on machine farming and other agricultural operations. However, it is easy to operate, has high production efficiency, occupies less land, and is convenient to combine fertilization and pesticide spraying. It is especially suitable for steep hilly areas, places where natural water head is used for sprinkler irrigation, and vegetable or cash crop areas with frequent irrigation times

(2) semi fixed sprinkler irrigation system

that is, the water pump, power machine and main pipe are made fixed, and the branch pipe is made mobile. Thus, the investment per unit area is much lower than that of the fixed sprinkler irrigation system

(3) mobile sprinkler irrigation system

this sprinkler irrigation system is only equipped with water source in the field, while the power machine, water pump, main pipe, branch pipe and sprinkler are movable. Improved equipment utilization. This form has simple structure, flexible use, low equipment investment per unit area, but the labor intensity of mobile units and pipelines is high, and the area of roads and canals is large. (end)


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