Longxingtianxia phase 1 Huang Dashui on the front

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[dragon in the world phase 1] Huang sledgehammer at the front line of "anti epidemic"

[Longxing Tianxia phase 1] Huang sledgehammer on the front line of "anti epidemic"

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in 2019, we will explore the "son of the dragon" of the equipment together

through the road of "dragon search"

it has been highly praised and loved by fans

ta is the "yellow hammer" in the words of friends

temporary e6500f excavator

according to CCTV reports, Wuhan Leishen Mountain hospital admitted the second batch of patients with COVID-19 at 3 p.m. on February 12, becoming the main force in the treatment of COVID-19. Just a few days ago, it was a parking lot

"yellow sledgehammer" -- temporary e6500f excavator

carried out crushing operation at the construction site of Leishen Mountain hospital

on January 25, 2020, Wuhan decided to build a Leishen Mountain hospital in Jiangxia District of Wuhan. Thousands of construction machines raced against the clock. Hu Xin and his temporary e6500f excavator were one of the front lines

the main task of Shandong Lingong e6500f excavator driven by Hu Xin is crushing. The parking lot with a length of more than 1000 meters will be transformed into a hospital. Without site leveling, the pavement will be broken directly according to the needs, and then rainwater and sewage pipelines will be laid

today's illustration equipment will show you the style of this "yellow sledgehammer"

picture explanation equipment, I speak with pictures, and you answer with feelings! Don't say much, look at the picture

e6500f excavator is a new model of Shandong Lingong which was launched on April 19, 2019. It is known as the "king of hammering" in the mine, and the cloud supervisor affectionately called it "yellow hammer"! Shandong Lingong e6500f is located in the mine heavy-duty excavator. It inherits European technology. The core components such as engine, pump valve, etc. come from world-famous brands. The whole machine has excellent performance and reliable quality

as usual, let's first understand some of its basic parameters. Shandong Lingong e6500f hammer king has a working weight of 52T and a transportation size of 11440 × three thousand four hundred and sixty-five × 4630。

in terms of power, it is equipped with Volvo sd130a engine with large displacement, low speed and high torque, with a rated power of 245kw, meeting the national Tier3 emission standard. This engine not only has strong power, but also its proprietary engine speed combined with throttle control mode can accurately adjust the matching of engine and hydraulic system at high, medium and low full speed, with higher action coordination and accuracy and lower fuel consumption

the hood can be opened separately as required. Large amount of sound insulation cotton reduces engine noise. The prominent maintenance platform is more convenient for engine maintenance

look at some details. The oil dipstick is equipped with a small red cap, which is very eye-catching and convenient to check the oil level and replenish the oil in time according to the situation. The position of the oil filler is also very convenient for filling (the oil filling amount is 45L) to promote the better fusion reaction of various materials in the mixture

as a mining model, besides powerful power, it also needs to be strong and durable. Let's take a look at the structural parts of this excavator

temporary e6500f excavator adopts XD boom (6500mm) and XD stick (3000mm) suitable for overweight working conditions, and adopts industry-wide fasteners to adapt to frequent vibration under hammer working conditions, with more reliable performance

e6500f hammer King configurable 2.5m ³ Mine type bucket, the bucket is strengthened, and the wear resistance is higher. The maximum bucket digging force is 276.5kn and the maximum digging depth is 7030mm

the double pin design at the root of the boom is generally used for large-scale excavation of more than 70 tons. The main purpose is to increase the cross-sectional area at the rear of the boom and improve the load capacity under adverse working conditions. This excavator adopts the double pin design for temporary construction, which has greater bearing capacity than the boom of the 50 ton excavator in the same industry, stress "In this way, 1 can be distributed more evenly.

here is the data of several oil cylinders.

boom: mmx1590mm.

stick: mmx1795mm.

bucket: mmx1335mm.

the lower frame is strengthened for heavy working conditions, and the four-wheel belt of a well-known brand is used, which is of good quality, reliable and durable. There are 9 supporting wheels and 2 supporting sprockets on one side. The heavy chain rail guard plate protects the supporting wheels and chain rail links, greatly improving the stability of the whole machine. Double teeth are used Heavy duty crawler makes the whole machine have stronger grip

large area heat dissipation window design makes it have better heat dissipation effect and avoid engine high temperature

the independent cooling system is different from the conventional series arrangement. Shandong Lingong e6500f excavator adopts an independent cooling layout with super large radiator and fan to improve the cooling capacity, so that the hydraulic oil temperature is low, the hydraulic system is more stable, and the service life of hydraulic components is longer

fuse box, glass water refilling pot and air filter are also set here to facilitate maintenance. Sometimes some small details can also improve user efficiency. There is a lot of dust in mine operation, so the front windshield is often cleaned with glass water to get a better view. This machine has specially increased the capacity of the glass water storage pot to reduce the time spent by the machine operator on these small things

the hydraulic system has the functions of double pump confluence, flow regeneration, rotation priority, boom priority, stick priority, etc., with shorter action cycle and high operation efficiency. Maximum flow 2 × 345+2 × 40L/min。

oil filter, main pump pressure tap and fuel refueling pump are centrally arranged in the main pump room, which is convenient for maintenance, detection and refueling. Three stage fuel filtration brings superior fuel adaptability

the temporary e6500f is equipped with a 70 ton large flow main control valve with small throttling loss, realizing the perfect matching and intelligent control between the hydraulic system and the engine, and lower fuel consumption. The working form driven by double rotary motor has large rotary force, fast rotary speed and high productivity

in the mine construction environment, the working environment with high vibration and noise often brings work fatigue to the operators, and even causes various occupational diseases. The temporary e6500f adopts a luxury cab with humanized vibration damping design, providing a safe and comfortable control environment for the driver

the cab is equipped with a suspension seat with weight adjustment function as standard, and the seat height and longitudinal inclination can be easily adjusted through an upper rod. The armrest can be adjusted together with the console so that the operator can operate in a comfortable posture

e6500f is also equipped with a color LCD display. When the rear view camera is selected, the operator can see the blind area through the i-ecu, broaden the field of vision and improve the safety. The cab is equipped with computer remote diagnosis interface and external power interface. After the computer is equipped with the diagnostic program (techtool), it can carry out fault self-test, which is convenient and fast to maintain

various function buttons are concentrated on the right side, which is easy to use and better in texture. The key door and throttle knob are also here. The throttle has four gears ifgh, which can be selected according to different working conditions to achieve fuel saving effect

hour meter and various electrical appliances can confirm that the bending center diameter switch is set on the left side according to the diameter of the steel bar, but compared with the button on the right side, the texture is lower

the hour meter will be changed to liquid crystal display soon. You can look forward to it^_^

there are four large air outlets behind the seat, and there are also several around the monitor just now. The cold and warm air conditioner can give you a more comfortable temperature to spend the heat and cold. Here you can also see some storage space, which is convenient for the machine hand to put some items

when we get out of driving, let's see what other elaborate designs Huang Dazhuang has. The tool box with gas spring can be used to place some tools, and the battery settings are also placed here

like many models, the fuel tank is set at the front right side of the excavator, with a capacity of 685l

the hydraulic oil tank is behind the fuel tank, with a capacity of 235l. Oil bath air filter + dry air filter, multi-layer filter reduces the loss of engine and excavator, and the service life is longer. The anti slip design of the maintenance channel increases the safety

summary of key points

1. Considering the oil temperature under the hammer state, an independent heat dissipation system is adopted. The increased radiator and large fan enhance the heat dissipation capacity of the machine. The lower oil temperature not only improves the hammer efficiency, but also prolongs the service life of hydraulic components

2. Volvo 13 high-performance engine is used as the power, and the hydraulic system adopts double pump confluence and double rotary motor to ensure that the excavator has strong power output and rotary torque

3. Oil bath air filter + dry air filter to reduce the loss of excavator under bad working conditions

4. E6500f has the maximum length chassis, the maximum diameter drive wheel, the maximum thickness track shoe and the maximum strength guide wheel of the same tonnage equipment in the industry, all of which extend the service life of the excavator

in the face of the epidemic, everyone is responsible. Until January 29, Hu Xin and his "Huang sledgehammer" fought on the front line for 48 hours. Now they have arrived home safely, isolated themselves and measured their body temperature every day, showing the responsibility of Engineering robots with practical actions. Let us pay tribute to those who are fighting on the front line

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