Yuchai heavy industry gratitude tour meets Handan

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Yuchai heavy industry's "Thanksgiving journey" meets Handan to serve customers

Yuchai heavy industry's "Thanksgiving journey" meets Handan 5. Develop bio based plastics to serve customers

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Guide: the sun in the scorching sun can not resist the steps of Yuchai heavy industry's service, so as to care for users, reflect the advantages of Yuchai's service, improve the service brand, and improve the market competition of Yuchai excavators. Recently, Yuchai heavy industry Service Engineer Tianjin Yuchai heavy industry service technology general teacher Jianming, Hebei Hualiang Machinery Trade Co., Ltd

the scorching sun cannot resist the service of Yuchai heavy industry. In order to care for users, reflect the superiority of Yuchai service, improve the service brand and improve the market competition of Yuchai excavator. Recently, Jianming, the service engineer of Yuchai heavy industry, the chief teacher of Tianjin Yuchai heavy industry service technology, sunlong, the general manager of Hebei Hualiang Machinery Trade Co., Ltd., and a number of service engineers formed a service team to visit the excavator users of Yuchai heavy industry in Handan

Yuchai's brand is strong, and the service is even better and faster

in July 2013, the service engineer of Yuchai heavy industry came to boss Li's house. As soon as he saw the engineers and his entourage, boss Li was happy to welcome him out. He had already worn the T-shirt sent by the service engineer and pointed out: "I am a loyal fan of Yuchai". The tractors, scooters and other machinery in my family are Yuchai engines. Two sons married two Yuchai "daughters", I fell in love with Yuchai. Yuchai is not only of good quality, but also of good service

Yuchai heavy industry made an appointment with Handan during the "Thanksgiving trip". During a simple conversation, we have come to the construction site of yc135, mainly for digging canals. We can dig nearly 1500 meters a day. President sun watched his "daughter" earn money outside, and couldn't help smiling; As the arrival time was noon, Uncle Li's son had gone to have dinner, so we couldn't start the car, so we had to simply check the basic equipment. Uncle Li also had a yc230, so we decided to go back to the yc135 construction site after seeing the car. Then we went to the construction site of yc230, which was mainly to dig tree pits in the forest farm. Uncle Li told us that we could dig nearly 2000 trees a day at 3 yuan a piece, which was quite profitable; Looking at Uncle Li, we are very happy for him. During my chat with Uncle Li, fan and Qin Gong have already started to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle. According to the possible problems reported by the driver, Mr. Fan and Mr. Sun patiently explained to the customer one by one to reassure the customer. Finally, Mr. Sun presented the customers with fuel pumps, T-shirts and other gifts. When he returned to the yc135 construction site, the excavator was already working. In view of the low boom pressure of yc135, general manager fan and Qin adjusted the pressure to make the vehicle more powerful during use. Finally, general manager fan told the customer about the matters needing attention in the use of the excavator, how to maintain the vehicle and other basic knowledge. The customer said that he benefited a lot

when his daughter married Lao Li, Hua Liang felt relieved and benefited.

looking at yc135 and yc230, we were really happy for them. Marrying a good husband's family not only helped customers earn money, but also laid a solid foundation for Yuchai excavator in Linzhang market. Yuchai excavator is favored in the local area because of its good working efficiency and speed. Uncle Li told us that since we had these two excavators at home, people often came to work. Uncle Li's childhood was also beautiful and happy. We are sincerely pleased with Uncle Li's well-off life

"journey of gratitude and care for 2013" in the road, we have also become the materials urgently needed by all handheld terminal manufacturers. Adhering to the concept of "as long as users are successful, we can be successful", we have been going on. We believe in Yuchai and Hualiang, and we will serve every customer sincerely, quickly and professionally


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