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Composition of the low-voltage equipment system of the electrostatic bag composite precipitator

the low-voltage equipment of the electrostatic bag composite precipitator mainly includes electrical equipment such as rapping control, electric heating control of the incubator, ash hopper heating control, ash unloading and conveying control, electromagnetic pulse valve, bypass valve, lift valve, instrument detection equipment such as material, temperature, differential pressure, and various intrusion displays, as well as remote communication interfaces

1 rapping system

the anode and cathode rapping dust removal equipment is one of the main electrical equipment in the electric area of the electrostatic bag filter. Its dust removal effect is not only related to the rapping acceleration applied to the cathode and anode, but also has a great impact on the rapping cycle, so as to better meet the international and domestic steel market demand. The rapping mode of the system is the top electromagnetic rapping system, and its control can be divided into group rapping and matrix rapping. The rapping force and uniformity can be adjusted. It is necessary to set up a suitable rapping system, which will greatly affect the dust removal effect of the electrostatic precipitator. Although PLA and PGA can be made into universal degradable multi filament suture by rapping, the dust collected on the anode plate cannot fall into the ash hopper in blocks, and the secondary dust is serious. On the contrary, the rapping force is too small and the cycle is too long, and the dust accumulation on the anode plate is too thick, which will reduce the secondary current and voltage between the cathode and anode, reduce the corona output power and reduce the dust removal effect; Serious dust accumulation on the anode plate is easy to form back corona, which makes the dust collected on the anode plate enter the air flow again. Therefore, selecting a reasonable rapping interval will help to better clean the ash and improve the dust removal effect

2 heating control system

the heating control system includes the electric heating of the incubator and the heating of the ash hopper. The incubator generally adopts the electric heater mode. The common control method is to control the constant temperature of the electric heater according to the temperature value. When the temperature is lower than the lower limit, start the electric heater for heating; When the upper limit of the temperature is high, stop the electric heater for heating, and send an alarm signal when the temperature exceeds the upper and lower limits

3 ash unloading and conveying control system

after the dust entering the electrostatic precipitator is captured by the cathode and anode, it is vibrated and dropped on the ash bucket towel by the rapping system, and these ash materials should be discharged in time. Too much ash bucket towel material is accumulated, which will not only increase the load of the ash bucket, but also cause a short circuit between the cathode and anode, and even cause the ash bucket to fall off in serious cases, The electrostatic precipitator can fully meet the temperature control indicators required for the low temperature device in the national standard gb/t229 (2) 007 metallic Charpy pendulum impact test method. On the contrary, the ash hopper does not store ash, and there will be air leakage at the outlet of the ash hopper, causing secondary dust, reducing the dust removal efficiency

4 pulse injection control system

the dusty gas in the flue gas towel enters the cloth bag area with the air flow. After being filtered by the filter bag, the dust is retained outside the filter bag. The purified gas enters the outlet flue from the inside of the filter bag, and then is discharged into the air from the chimney, so as to achieve the purpose of dust removal. When the cloth bag dedusting was put into use, the filter bag was still clean. The filter bag fiber hardware and electromechanical - hardware and electromechanical industry network marketing service

body played the role of interception. As the dust on the fiber body was embedded into the fiber body and formed an ash layer on the surface of the filter bag, the dust of the flue gas flow towel was mainly intercepted by the dust layer. Therefore, when the bag type dust collector is first used, the dust removal efficiency is low and the resistance of the dust collector is small. When the bag type dust collector is used for a period of time, the dust removal efficiency is high, but the resistance of the dust collector is also high. Therefore, according to the needs of the system, the dust collector is generally equipped with a variety of injection control modes of constant pressure and timing, so as to conduct timely injection and dust removal to ensure that the resistance of the dust collector is within an appropriate range

5 lift valve and bypass valve control system

according to different electric bag composite dust collectors, different numbers of bypass valves and lift valves are configured, and different hardware configurations are flexibly combined to meet the requirements of bypass protection filter bag during boiler ignition and oil burning, protect the long-life use of filter bag, and realize off-line ash removal in combination with injection control system

6 pressure and differential pressure detection system

in order to ensure the normal operation of each valve system, the corresponding compressed air pressure detection pressure transmitter is equipped, and the differential pressure transmitter for resistance detection of the electric bag composite dust collector is configured. The collected signals are converted and displayed by the PLC analog quantity conversion module, and participate in the control and alarm


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