Requirements for coating and glazing of color prin

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Requirements for coating and polishing of color printing packaging

with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the pursuit of commodity outer packaging will become stronger and stronger, the requirements for folding times and aging resistance of the covers of books, periodicals and notebooks will become stronger and stronger, and more and more consideration will be given to cost performance and environmental factors. For the future packaging and printing industry, there will be some important development trends as follows:

considering the many advantages of paper plastic coating, This decoration method will not be eliminated in the past decade or even decades. On the one hand, the recycling technology of paper and packaging used in paper plastic film coating has made great progress. Some special equipment for beating, filtering and removing waste recyclables containing paper plastic film and more advanced recycling technology have emerged

on the other hand, it is also necessary to develop recycled water redispersible or soluble plastic film and adhesive for film covering as soon as possible. When the paper plastic film covering products made of this kind of adhesive and film can be recycled, they can be dispersed or dissolved in the pulp under the conditions of water, appropriate acid or alkali, appropriate temperature and pressure stirring, and become a part of the pulp, which can enhance the paper produced from recycled raw materials. From the research and development in this area, it is easy for water-based paper-plastic film covering adhesive to redissolve or disperse water during recycling, while it is much more difficult for plastic film to redistribute and dissolve after paper-plastic film covering. The main problem is how to reduce the product cost and make it equivalent to BOPP plastic film

the ideal environment-friendly glazing oil has no pollution to the environment during and after production, and the product does not contain any volatile organic compounds or its content can still be ignored; The finished product not only has a good gloss, but also has a flexible film, which is not easy to be contaminated, broken or scratched. It has the same folding resistance, water resistance and enhancement as the coated product of carton; The product is easy to recycle after use, that is, under the conditions of water or appropriate acid, alkali or other chemicals, heating, stirring, etc., these varnish cured products are easy to dissolve and disperse in the pulp and become a part of the pulp. From the current application research, there is no technical obstacle for water-based glazing oil to achieve these, but the cost of coated products is much higher than that of paper plastic coating

BOPP (polypropylene biaxially oriented film) is almost used in the current paper plastic covering film. The advantages of this film are low price, good gloss and high light transmittance, but the biggest disadvantage is the lack of aging resistance, especially poor light degradation resistance. Therefore, there are obvious deficiencies in using this film to package the covers of high-grade collection books, diaries, high-grade gift boxes and other rare printed items. It won't be long, These BOPP plastic films will degrade, pulverize and lose luster, while the bet film, i.e. polyethylene terephthalate resin film, does not have this problem, but the price is more than 30% expensive, but it is nothing for high-end books and packaging that may be permanently preserved, but many people do not realize this problem


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