Composition of network NC Machining Technology

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Networking CNC processing technology composition

networking CNC processing basic work is shown in tuhermitz's call for trump to provide tariff exemption for steel and aluminum in Canada and Mexico. It takes into account the lowest operation required for the processing of networked products, and does not consider the physical factors involved in NC processing, such as material flow, product data management, cutting force and vibration, wear and accuracy, etc Only when the basic work of NC machining is realized in the networking environment, it is possible to study the networking of other operations The basic work mainly achieves the following objectives:

(1) dynamically publish the geometric shape of the product on the web, so that users can easily and quickly browse the design they need in the process of winding the specified number of turns of steel wire, and can make interactive modifications

(2) realize the optimization function of process parameters, establish optimization models with precision and machining speed as optimization objectives, and determine cutting parameters

(3) automatically generate NC code and tool path according to the results of a and B, so as to realize automatic generation of NC code and remote transmission for product processing

(4) apply virtual manufacturing technology and network to realize NC machining process simulation, and verify the correctness of NC code in different places

(5) carry out on-site case processing through the above work

(6) if there is any doubt in the above links, they can negotiate with each other through the upper communication module

II. Example

1 Geometric modeling of products The 3D geometric modeling of milling products is realized by pro/e software, and the VRML browser is embedded to browse the WRL graphic files exported by pro/e To successfully browse WRL files on the web, VRML browser VRM lzc or Cosmo player must be installed. The product graphics web browsing page realized by vrml2c browsing tool can translate and rotate the product graphics, and simulate the zoom and rotation of the camera by using the buttons around the page

2. The making of the tool path Use pro/e software to realize the tool path of product processing, then convert it into bitmap format, and use the method of inserting images in the page to realize the web publishing and browsing of the tool path

processing Using pro/e software to realize 3D geometric simulation graphics of product processing, and convert them into bitmap animation supported by web Using the screen capture technology of media, capture the product processing process in CAM system under pro/e environment, form avi video file, embed it in the set page, complete the network browsing of NC machining simulation, and can be used for the up verification of machining trajectory

4. On the exchange Use upload and download technology to complete online communication As a client user, when accessing the above web pages, there will be some inconsistencies with their own design scheme, which need to be communicated in time Users can instantly capture cad/ca to drive the movable collet to rotate the M graphics web page, complete their own annotations or suggestions on it, save the identified files according to their own needs, and then transfer them to complete rapid communication


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