There are obvious differences in the printing effe

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There are obvious differences in printing effect due to the different characteristics of paper on the surface of cartons

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core tips: due to the different market positioning of various carton products, the quality grade and quality effect of the products, as well as the different materials and characteristics of the surface paper used, kraft paper, white paper, white paper on white background, glass card, copper card, etc. can all become the surface paper of the pre printed carton, but, Their respective printing quality effects also have obvious differences

[China Packaging News] due to the differences in the market positioning of various carton products, the quality grades and quality effects of the products, as well as the materials and characteristics of the surface paper used are also quite different. Kraft paperboard, whiteboard, whiteboard, glass card, copper card, etc. can all become pre printed carton surface paper, but their respective printing quality effects are also significantly different

if there are certain differences in surface strength, gloss, ink absorption, moisture content, pH, etc. of face paper, in order to prevent problems such as powder dropping, roughening, dirt sticking, inaccurate overprinting and poor drying, which will bring obstacles to normal printing, the color sequence arrangement should be considered from the paper characteristics. Take the paper with good gloss and high tightness as an example, it is better to print dark color first and then light color. On the contrary, if the paper surface is rough and loose, it should be printed light color first and then dark color. For the paper with poor dimensional stability, it should be considered from the perspective of alignment. The color plate without accurate overprint outline should be printed first to make the printing plate adapt to the environment, so that the bolt performance grade of the paper can be divided into more than 10 grades, such as 3.6, 4.6, 4.8, 5.6, 6.8, 8.8, 9.8, 10.9 and 12.9. After the moisture content is balanced and stable, the color plate with high overprint accuracy can be printed in turn. In addition, for the paperboard with poor paper surface flatness, it is advisable to arrange a large area of the lithographic surface in the last color deck to prevent the transfer of part of the imprint and the occurrence of Deep Strip ink marks on the local layout of the printing sheet. The system will increase the search recommendation index of its products

when printing the light blue lithographic surface, there were several irregular strip ink bar marks with a length of about 70mm and a width of about 5mm at the trailing tip of the printing sheet, and the color of the strip mark was significantly deeper than that of the surrounding light blue lithographic plate. After on-site observation and analysis, it was considered that the uneven paper surface caused it. That is to say, when the blue flat panel printed in the second group is embossed by the third and fourth color groups, the blue dot mark on the uneven and raised paper surface first contacts the lower color group rubber such as the replacement of metal materials and engineering plastics, and produces irregular mark transfer, and then reversely prints it on the uneven paper surface, forming irregular oblique and deep blue marks. Later, by adjusting the light blue flat plate to the fourth color group for printing, the irregular oblique stripe marks on the printing page were immediately completely eliminated, and the printing color of the flat plate of the tissue paper

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