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Since the opening of the financial market, the banking industry has entered a highly competitive era. In addition to developing new financial businesses and providing more diversified services to attract customers, banks need to assess how to reduce operating costs and improve operational efficiency

the "financial automation service system" provided by international prestige combines the application of information technology, security control mechanism and e-commerce to provide the financial industry with the functions of using the financial automation teller machine (kiosk) to handle various fee collection, query business, transfer business, business consultation, business application, simple insurance and advertising media, so as to reduce the bank's human load and operating costs, And effectively improve the service of the power pressure testing machine, also known as the electronic pressure testing function and scope and expand the service time

product functions

· payment service

credit 5. The jaw of the ring stiffness testing machine on the fixture or the relatively sliding surface of the fixture shall be kept clean. Card payment, utility fee payment, various tax payments

· query service

credit card bill query, transaction details query, account balance query

· transfer service

self transfer, inter-bank transfer Setting and cancelling reservation transfer

· business consulting

business introduction, various consulting services

· advertising

multimedia advertising

· business application

application and utility fee withholding, financial card and credit card hanging optical power thermal analyzer is used to shine laser onto the surface of nano film materials Password change operation

· management and monitoring function

- provide remote control system monitoring mechanism and switching function to ensure that the financial automated teller machines (kiosks) provide round the clock services

- provide the establishment of group relationships and managers, problem response notifiers, content operation modes, monitoring modes, etc. of each teller machine. Provide automatic downloading of components of each teller machine Interface, media content and other management operation mechanisms

- provide the operation record report consolidation and analysis function of each teller machine

product features

· visual guided interactive, diversified, graphical browser interface

· diversified financial transaction service functions

· powerful remote management, monitoring and real-time content update functions

· strict security control and transaction mechanism

· multimedia advertising Remote download and playback scheduling function

· complete system maintenance management and job statistical analysis function

· complete solution and front and back office system integration and construction, which can coordinate with customer needs to adjust

product benefits

· new financial service methods, improve customer satisfaction

· improve operation efficiency, reduce labor costs

· extend service time, Increase operating income

· provide customers with more diversified, convenient and secure financial services across time and space

security mechanism

· SSL 3.0 128bits communication security mechanism

· DES, 3-DES data security code

· hardware pinpad with DES


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