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Internet printing online promotion, brand building and digitalization are indispensable

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core tip: Nowadays, "many traditional industries have been pushed to a new stage, and it is not a dream to do it again with the Internet method". The Internet has brought about the great development of e-commerce and the large-scale Internet advertising business

[China Packaging News] Nowadays, many traditional industries have been pushed to a new stage. It is no longer a dream to do it again with the Internet. The Internet has brought about the great development of e-commerce and the large-scale Internet advertising business

according to Ma Yun, in 2012, mankind began to truly enter the Internet information age Many traditional industries have been pushed to a new stage, and the economy of interior trim of class a passenger car models has been emphasized once again by means of interconnection (Robin Lee, Baidu). As a result, with Internet finance, Alipay, e-Pay and other payment channels came into being, bringing greater convenience to life and pressure to banks; With the combination of online shopping or online and offline shopping, you can deliver goods to your home without leaving home, which brings convenience to consumers, but also a huge impact on physical stores; With internet ticket booking; With it, naturally there is also Internet printing

build a network platform and make good use of the Internet to open up and accumulate business for enterprise development

with the continuous development of Internet technology, its impact on the printing industry is also increasing day by day. Submitting, reviewing and tracking printing orders through the printing system has gradually become a normal for printing enterprises. Network printing solutions have become the target pursued by various printing companies. In order to succeed in the highly competitive market, no matter what kind of sales form, the biggest secret is still how to distinguish from other competitors, which is why many printing enterprises began to test online printing

after several years of development, there are not a few stations that use the Internet to carry out printing business activities. Printing enterprises should be able to use the Internet when they have set up stations. In the process of printing interconnection, e-commerce marketing, Internet advertising and good use of big data are inevitable

it can be seen from the global entertainment and media industry outlook report released by PwC that Internet advertising has taken a very large share in China's advertising market, but it will continue to rise to 48% in the next five years, making the use of digital advertising as a brand media promotion channel very prominent in the Chinese market

the report shows that the income of the global entertainment and media industry will achieve a compound annual growth rate of 5.1% in the next five years, rising from $1.74 trillion in 2014 to $2.23 trillion in 2019

among them, China's Internet advertising is growing rapidly and will account for 48% of the advertising market in 2019 In digital advertising, the growth rate of Internet advertising scale is the fastest. According to the forecast of the above report, Internet advertising will maintain a compound annual growth rate of 12.1% in. As for China, the figure will be even higher, reaching 15.1%

in addition, the share of mobile Internet access has exceeded that of fixed Internet and will continue to grow. It is expected that it will account for about 70% of all Internet access in China in 2019. The expected growth of Internet advertising expenditure in the same period is nearly 5 percentage points higher than that of overall advertising

if we subdivide Internet advertising, we will find that paid Internet search will remain dominant in both global and Chinese venues. The growth rate of China's paid Internet search business will reach 18.7%, and the scale will exceed US $16.5 billion by 2019

the large-scale Internet advertising business also means that the Internet offers us $312.8 million, with mixed advertising quality and complicated information. It is the key for printing enterprises to develop e-commerce, make good use of big data, analyze valuable information and make better improvement strategies. Many enterprises have to carry out such a link: the evaluation of the effectiveness of online advertising, so how to operate this link? What data should we refer to

pay attention to the station flow. What traffic is the concerned station? Generally, it focuses on the IP, PV, UV and other data of the station, which is also a conventional data source for network marketing and promotion. Businesses or advertisers can assess whether the traffic promoted by their station is effective, declining or rising by focusing on the IP number and PV accommodation of the network data counted by their own statistical tools. For some advertising data, it can be more accurate and monitored, While evaluating these data, we also constantly adjust and optimize the advertising strategy

focus on the number of page conversions. The conversion number of focus stations is also one of the factors to measure the effect of an advertisement. The conversion of stations is generally the conversion of behavior, such as the number of consultation, registration, purchase, offline and other activities. When an enterprise has launched an advertisement, the increase of registration or consultation is a measure that the advertising is effective, and bidding is no exception

page dwell time. While judging the page quality by the page dwell time, we can also use the dwell time to monitor the evaluation of the advertising effect of the enterprise to continuously optimize and change its advertising plan. The page dwell time shows that the page has good quality, novel content and high user experience

brand effect data. Businesses or advertising users can judge the effect of their advertising by the click and promotion effect of their advertising? In this way, it not only improves the advertising delivery and optimization, but also improves the transformation, brand awareness, brand reputation and evaluation. In case of public relations crisis or other behaviors, it can also timely release relevant evidence of rights protection behaviors through networks and other channels

trends of concern. It is also one of the means to measure the effect of advertising by the trend that is concerned. It can be judged by the data that is concerned on the platform, microblog and other platforms or the attention of other media. It can also check the relevant data that is concerned through Baidu Index tools. Click dimension, presentation dimension and time dimension are also indicators to measure the trend data that is concerned

return on investment. Return on investment, or ROI, is the focus and difficulty that most enterprises pay attention to. The focus is that the cost or manpower paid by advertising should be recovered within the profit range. The difficulty is that not all investment ratios will have a better and higher return. Different industry data also have certain differences and differences. Pay attention to the return on investment of advertising, Continuously improve cost control and launch efforts, and measure the launch channels of this advertisement

summary: what I want to share with you is the structure and operation methodology of the concrete pressure testing machine. What data sources or tools are used to measure the advertising effect, and the results are relative, not absolute, because the data are not absolutely correct and accurate. Generally, the data are used for reference. We can't use the data for anything, but we can use the data to analyze and calculate the return on investment and other behaviors, And constantly optimize and change the scheme and delivery strategy


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