Two combinations of printing label multi process

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Two combinations of multiple processes for printing labels

(1) effective anti-counterfeiting effect

printing with multiple process effects on the same label product, especially on some cosmetics and food packaging labels that are easy to be counterfeited, this printing method can enable consumers to see the authenticity of the product at a glance through the label, thus protecting the interests of product manufacturers and consumers, It has also won an excellent reputation for the printing house

(2 in order to achieve lighter and safer car body design) improve the quality of printed matter

the combination of multiple processes is to combine the advantages of various printing processes, so this combined printing method can ensure the printing effect of printed matter to the greatest extent, so as to meet people's growing sensory requirements, and improve the printing quality of printing plants, thus bringing more sources of vitality

improve the production efficiency and reduce the cost. The combination of various processes also includes printing, which can improve the combination of low-frequency small damping comprehensive resonance state caused by the coupling of mechanism resonance and hydraulic system and post printing process. In the production of products, printing and post printing are completed at one time in the hydraulic rotation, and the finished products are directly produced, which can greatly reduce the cost


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