Two combination strategies of domestic cabinet mar

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In 2013, the two combined strategies of domestic cabinet marketing

the cabinet market is highly competitive. Cabinet marketing is now a great test for both cabinet enterprises and cabinet dealers. How to open the cabinet market is very important. How should cabinet enterprises do a good job in cabinet marketing? Attention: when the amount of data added is large, individual marketing or group promotion, and the two combined strategies of cabinet marketing and cabinet marketing

manage the secondary aspects of the manufacturer's old capital. As one of the core management of the total annual marketing amount of the enterprise, the enterprise should make it independent, form an independent account to calculate everything, and use it for the old capital investment of the establishment of the channel. The enterprise should also take the expression of strength, brand opposition and bonus mode as the core investment rules

successful cabinet franchising and investment promotion is indirectly related to the business model. Whether it is regional or global, it is not just about collecting franchise fees and engaging in closure celebrations. Some of the metal material tensile machine transmission systems in the current market of franchisees adopt the "inaction marketing" of the reducer, but a series of types, training and objections that need to be implemented, At present, many enterprises have committed marketing shortsightedness. Who knows, one of the key norms for the strength of brand marketing is the double combination advantage of investment attraction ability and marketing ability

1 good product manual, 1 thick investment promotion manual, 1 complete VI and enterprise manual, 1 set of fragmentary terminal fictional demonstration fragmentary, 1 kind of quiet and serene environment atmosphere, 1 set of clear dividend mode, customers are not excited after reading it? Nowadays, the marketing of the cabinet industry cannot do without these combination strategies

2. The promotion strategy of group cabinets. There are many promotions in the cabinet market, and the popular promotion methods tend to be saturated. They are still in a state of development, such as discounts, falling prices, gifts, coupons, etc. the modes are diverse and similar in general. It is understood that all enterprises that are most important have no piecemeal promotion policies. The edge benefit of effective promotion comes from the combination strategy of old capital, benefit and settlement. It is assumed that there is no old capital control, no new promotion method, no good benefit and no piecemeal annual promotion settlement strategy, but only a simulation show that is good enough to be presented, and it is advocated to do less

3. Group cabinet piecemeal shopping guide strategy. The attitude of the salesman is an indirect factor that determines whether the order can be successfully transacted. I have been to many franchised stores. As soon as I entered the store, the salesperson stared at me and looked at me. In particular, his expression changed from goodwill to suspicion, which made me feel very uncomfortable. The appearance in his heart made the salesperson so suspicious, and the terminal partner lacked a good business mentality. This must be said to be a reality, so do a good job of shopping guide


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