Internet technology opens up a new battlefield for

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Internet technology opens up a new battlefield for digital printing

today, the rapid progress of science and technology has made the development of many industries into the fast lane. The update frequency of products is higher and higher, the R & D cycle is shorter and shorter, and the market competition is more and more fierce. While science and technology bring changes and opportunities, they also bring crises and tests. This is the common market environment faced by all industries in the 21st century

the Internet era is affecting the digital printing industry, which will bring an inevitable change to the printing industry. Internet technology and industry thinking who will replace brominated flame retardants nbsp; The transformation of the new selection mode of the exterior wall insulation materials is opening up a new battlefield for the publishing and printing industry. The in-depth integration of the Internet technology and the information industry has put forward higher requirements for the publishing and printing industry. The digital printing industry has the following specific contents in terms of organic integration with the Internet: Heaven advantage, which is not only the combination of technology, but also the integration of operation and business model. In this context, the digital printing industry will become a new development platform for the future printing industry by grasping the opportunities of the times

explore the diversification and personalized development of high-end printing

at present, China's digital printing industry is dominated by the low-end printing demand of small and medium format. The advantages of digital printing in rapid design and on-demand printing are rapidly occupying part of the medium and high-end market. With the development of Internet and information technology, paper books and physical bookstores have been impacted. At present, the primary problem facing China's digital printing industry is how to further expand the high-end market. In addition to the market environment, the current technological development status of the digital printing industry is also different from previous changes in the printing industry. Digital printing has many advantages that traditional printing does not have, such as fast and flexible, free from batch restrictions, strong artistic expression ability, convenient proofreading, etc., which determines that today's digital printing industry will develop towards diversification and personalization

in the future development, customer demand will gradually dominate, which determines that we must fully understand customer demand and market changes, collect as much business information as possible, and our technological innovation must be market-oriented. The demand for printed matter in modern society has been characterized by diversification, personalization and batch flexibility. The closed-loop servo control system composed of electrical controller, servo valve, load sensor, displacement sensor and computer coincides with the advantages of digital printing technology. This is an important opportunity for the industry, and also challenges the technical level and innovation ability. This is of great significance for us to change the domestic market structure, expand our business and develop the industry in depth

focus on on-demand printing user experience is valued

Internet technology will continue to develop, and further integration of on-demand printing technology and traditional publishing industry has become an inevitable trend. On demand printing has the characteristics of both traditional publishing and electronic publishing. For the publishing industry and consumers in the transition period, on-demand printing is easier to be accepted than e-books, and it also provides a buffer period for traditional printing enterprises to transform to full electronic publishing. Therefore, for a long time in the future, on-demand printing will exist as a part of diversified publishing and information services

at present, domestic publishing houses and printing houses are paying attention to the impact of digital printing technology on the publication and printing of books and periodicals. Because the inventory of books and periodicals in China remains high, publishing and printing on demand will also be the only way for publishing houses in the future. The user experience will exceed the original product quality and cycle requirements, and the fast, convenient, efficient and comfortable user experience will become an important service goal of digital printing in the future


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