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In recent days, affected by the low vortex, heavy rainfall has come across the country, especially in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei. The official issued yellow warnings of rainstorm, lightning and meteorological risks of geological disasters. Three yellow warnings were issued at the same time

this weather is a disaster for those who have to attend meetings and business negotiations outside. Traffic jams and other problems caused by continuous rainfall bring great inconvenience to employees' travel, and also have a certain impact on employees' work enthusiasm

with the continuous increase of enterprise market activities, in recent years, the enterprise (5) embedded parts T-joint submerged arc pressure welding industry has more and more communication across regions and networks. Traditional communication methods such as fax can not bring good experience to customers. Due to rainstorm, high temperature and air pollution, the remote office system and video conference system are booming, and the cloud video communication industry is also moving towards a rapid development stage. Cloud video solutions and providers help enterprises to establish video conference systems, create an excellent enterprise development environment, meet enterprise meeting needs, and help enterprises improve office efficiency

how to enhance the informatization development ability of enterprises, optimize the development environment of enterprises, and accelerate the deep integration of information technology and enterprises are the problems that enterprises are facing at present. In addition, the following problems still exist in the enterprise industry:

high conference costs. For many small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as between the headquarters and branches of large enterprises, meetings are held every week or every month, and the meeting cost is too high

low work efficiency. When employees go on business trips, they need to spend a lot of time on the road, which reduces their work efficiency

it is difficult to train employees in different places. Many large enterprises have the need to train employees, but due to the large number of branches and employees, training has become one of the most difficult problems for enterprises

difficult to manage. The branches and offices of large enterprises are distributed all over the world, and there are great difficulties in the management system

how to use the mobile cloud video platform to solve the problems encountered by enterprises:

1 The low-cost cloud hardware video conference

mobile cloud video platform supports multi interoperability and real-time hot backup, with high reliability and availability. Enterprises do not need to purchase and maintain expensive MCU. Any participant can access the platform to convene or participate in meetings as long as it can. With the characteristics of high reliability, high availability, low cost and zero maintenance, the mobile cloud video platform can quickly solve the communication, supervision and coordination problems between the enterprise headquarters and branches and offices

mobile integrated cloud hardware conference terminal

2 Remote interactive training

using the data sharing dual flow function of the system, the company's headquarters or branches and offices can organize various remote training, and the lecturer's pictures and training courseware images are sent to all branch venues, making the whole training process more vivid and intuitive, and solving the problems of employees' training in different places

3. Live video/video

when enterprises hold meaningful activities such as annual meetings and press conferences, 3. Zigzag clamps can be used to conduct live video or video through the mobile video conference system. The personnel of branches and offices distributed outside can also watch live video in real time. Those who do not attend the meeting in time can also view the on-site situation by using video in combination with high price metal nitrides and carbides

mobile video conference is a new generation of cloud conference platform released by mobile. It is specially designed for business people to avoid their flight troubles. Reducing enterprise cost, optimizing enterprise office environment and improving office efficiency are one of the necessary office tools for enterprises


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