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There are more than 130 participating units in the eight day countdown. Will you come

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conference theme

technological equipment innovation and high-quality development in the post epidemic era

the "2020 China pulp and paper technology forum and the 11th China paper pulp and paper technology forum", one of the series of important activities of this year's "China paper week", will be held in Nanchang, Jiangxi, a famous cultural and historical city and hero city in East China

"China pulp and paper technology forum and China paper industry pulp and paper technology forum" is a standardized, professional and authoritative platform for technical discussion, exchange and promotion in the paper industry. It is jointly built by research institutions to give full play to the joint force of "production, learning, research and media", collect the wisdom of Chinese and foreign experts and scholars and industry advantageous resources, and promote the promotion and application of new technologies, new products, new equipment and new materials in the industry and talent training. Established since 2009. The "forum" has been successfully held for ten times since it joined forces with leading enterprises, authoritative organizations, colleges and universities, and departments in various professional fields in the industry. It is famous for its strong technicality, high professionalism, large scale and good effect

this year, affected by the COVID-19, the waste paper import policy, Sino US trade frictions and other multiple factors, the benefits of the paper industry have decreased and difficulties have increased, and the role of scientific and technological innovation and technological progress has become more prominent. Therefore, the theme of this "forum" is "technological equipment innovation and high-quality development in the post epidemic era", and continue to increase the hot content of the industry - the analysis and release of the production and marketing situation of the paper industry. The "forum" will continue the previous high-end professional, advanced, practical, open and interactive style, and invite well-known experts, entrepreneurs and experienced enterprise technical leaders at home and abroad to exchange new experiences and achievements around new technologies and products of raw material supply, product upgrading, energy conservation and consumption reduction, quality improvement and efficiency increase, green, low-carbon and intelligent control, predict the development trend and direction of technology, so as to provide a basis for To provide scientific and technological support to paper-making enterprises and paper-making related enterprises with high environmental protection policies, superposition of international trade barriers and increasing market competition. The conference will also organize the exhibition of publicity results of new technologies and products of enterprises

part of the list of enterprises that have been confirmed to participate in the "2020 China pulp and paper technology forum" (under continuous updating):

Shandong Xinhe Paper Engineering Co., Ltd.

Shandong Fuhua Paper Equipment Co., Ltd.

Shandong Kaili Special Paper Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Special Paper Co., Ltd.

Deyan paper (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.

Shanxi Paper Industry Association (Shanxi Light Industry Design Institute)

Huisheng Group Co., Ltd.

Guangxi Dongtang Investment Co., Ltd./Guangxi Paper Industry Association

Fujian paper making society

Henan paper making society

Fujian paper making society

Wenrui machinery (Shandong) Ltd.

Jiangyin Bitu special paperboard Co., Ltd.

Jinan Haoyuan Paper Co., Ltd.

Qilu University of technology

Zhejiang Jingxing Paper Co., Ltd.

Shandong Mingyuan Intelligent Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Haiwang Paper Co., Ltd.

sylwood machinery trade (Shanghai) Ltd.

Suzhou Jinggang Cutting Tool Co., Ltd.

Shandong jincailun group

Jiangxi Zhongzhu Biomass Technology Co., Ltd.

Shandong shengpute energy saving and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Jinwo Machinery Co., Ltd.

Hubei Jinzhuang science and technology renewable resources Co., Ltd.

Gansu Jingning Hengda Paper Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu shangbaoluo Pump Co., Ltd.

Zaozhuang China Resources Paper Co., Ltd.

medium paper

Voith Paper (China) Co., Ltd.

Leibo electric (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.

weimeide (China) Co., Ltd.

Liaocheng Luxin Paper Machinery Co., Ltd.

Hebei Huatai Paper Co., Ltd.

Shandong Renfeng special materials Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Lifeng New Materials Technology Co., Ltd.

pulp and Paper Research Institute of Zhejiang University of technology

mindak Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Jianping Industrial Co., Ltd.

Shandong Tongchuang Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Ruizhi Trade Co., Ltd.

Yili Xingye Co., Ltd.

Zhengzhou Yunda Paper Equipment Co., Ltd.

Mudanjiang Hengfeng Paper Co., Ltd.

Light Industry Hangzhou electromechanical design and Research Institute

Shashi Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd.

Guanyun Limin renewable resources technology development Co., Ltd.

Shandong LUZHENG Paper Technology Co., Ltd.

Shaanxi University of science and technology

China Light Industry Wuhan Design Engineering Co., Ltd.

China Light Industry Changsha Engineering Co., Ltd.

national nanoscience center of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Hebei Huiquan Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

Hubei Rongcheng Regeneration Technology Co., Ltd.

Monte air treatment equipment (Beijing) Ltd.

Qingdao Boxin metal materials Co., Ltd.

Fisher International Co., Ltd.

Shandong Jiefeng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Hunan Xiangfeng Special Paper Co., Ltd.

Dandong Yalujiang grinding Co., Ltd.

Anyang Machinery Co., Ltd. of China United equipment group

Quzhou Branch of China pulp and Paper Research Institute

Shaanxi Zhisen pulp and paper Engineering Co., Ltd.

Shandong Aoxuan rotary joint manufacturing Co., Ltd Company

Ningbo delishi Pump Industry Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Geer thermal equipment Co., Ltd.

Henan Jingxin Technology Co., Ltd.

kaidenjohnson (Wuxi) Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhengzhou leizhan Technology Paper Machinery Co., Ltd.

Henan Paper Industry Association

Henan Xinxiang Hongtai Paper Co., Ltd.

Anhui Zhaolong Paper Co., Ltd.

Guanyun Limin renewable resources technology development Co., Ltd.

Zhengzhou Yinfa paper equipment installation Co., Ltd.

Zhengzhou Dongxin Paper Co., Ltd.

Zhengzhou Kanghua Paper Co., Ltd.

Yiliang Hongxing brothers Paper Co., Ltd Ltd.

Zhengzhou Hengfeng Paper Co., Ltd.

Henan Longyuan Paper Co., Ltd.

Xinmi Dongsheng Paper Co., Ltd.

Shanying International Holding Co., Ltd.

Sichuan Jinfeng Paper Co., Ltd.

Guangxi Fengtang Luzhai Paper Co., Ltd.

China Light Industry Changsha Engineering Co., Ltd.

Shandong Kaixin Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

Taisheng Technology Group Co., Ltd.

UPM (China) Ltd.

Yunnan Hongta Lanying Paper Co., Ltd.

Shandong Shenlan Machinery Co., Ltd./Taiyuan corundum Logistics Engineering Co., Ltd.

Shaanxi University of science and technology

Dezhou TAIDING New Material Technology Co., Ltd./Pingyuan Zhengda Paper Co., Ltd.

MCC paper Galaxy Co., Ltd.

Tengzhou Huawen Paper Co., Ltd.

Nanjing Forestry University

China Forest Products Industry Co., Ltd.

Fujian Light Industry Machinery and Equipment Co., Ltd.

Yueyang Forest Paper Co., Ltd.

eisenses special products Co., Ltd.

Xinxiang Xinya Paper Group Co., Ltd.

Shandong Lvquan Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Hubei Baota Peibo Recycling Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Shennong energy conservation and Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. pulp and paper business department

Laiyang Yintong Paper Co., Ltd.

sumeida International Technology Trade Co., Ltd Company

Zhejiang Jiemei Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Shandong paper industry research and Design Institute

Hangzhou Meichen Paper Technology Co., Ltd.

Sichuan Huanlong technology Fabric Co., Ltd.

Guangxi Jingui pulp and Paper Co., Ltd.

Hunan fanhang only equipment Co., Ltd.

oped servo motor energy saving system Co., Ltd.

Hunan Juntai pulp and Paper Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Shuang Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Shandong Chenming Paper Group Co., Ltd.

China paper Investment Corporation

Shandong Aosai Industry Co., Ltd.

Liuzhou Chemical Co., Ltd.

Hubei Huahai Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. (the former Huahai paper company)

Ningbo Zhonghua Paper Co., Ltd.

Shanghai wuhui Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd.

Longkou Yulong Paper Co., Ltd.

UPM (China) Co., Ltd.

Jiangxi Guangyuan Chemical Co., Ltd.

Zibo Yongfeng Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.

Xichun environmental protection technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Wuhan jinhuateng Technology Co., Ltd.

Shandong Huanfa Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Hunan Zhengda Xianke Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Shandong Light Industry Machinery Association

frantec Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Shanying Paper Co., Ltd.


China Paper Association

co organizer

Zhengzhou leizhan Technology Paper Machinery Co., Ltd.

support unit

dimension Virtue (China) Co., Ltd.

cadenjohnson (Wuxi) Technology Co., Ltd.

Shandong Deep Blue Machinery Co., Ltd.

Wenrui machinery (Shandong) Co., Ltd.


China paper magazine

meeting time

november 18-19, 2020 (all day report on November 18)

meeting place

Pullman Hotel Nanchang rongchuang

(address: No. 577, nanlongpan street, Honggutan District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province,:)

theme report: industry leaders and well-known experts introduce the industry situation, development trends and cutting-edge technologies

◆ analysis of the production and marketing situation of China's paper industry in 2020 and future prospects

-- Zhao Wei, chairman of China Paper Association

◆ hot spots and prospects for scientific and technological innovation of special paper and paper-based functional materials

-- Vice Chairman of China Paper Association Professor zhangmeiyun, former vice president of Shaanxi University of science and technology and winner of the national science and Technology Progress Award

◆ engineering design measures help the efficient utilization of domestic waste paper

-- Liangbin, deputy general manager of Wuhan Design Engineering Co., Ltd. of China Light Industry Haihe scholar Professor chenfushan

◆ application of project management and EPC engineering general contracting in pulp and paper industry

-- item 1 of China Light Industry Changsha Engineering Co., Ltd Maximum experimental torque: huzhengyang, general manager of ly10nm, 20nm, 50nm, 100nm, 200nm project management department

◆ new progress of nanotechnology and its application in the paper industry under the plastic restriction order

-- Dr. charuitao, expert of the National Nanotechnology center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

theme report: technical experts in equipment manufacturing, chemicals, automatic control, intelligent technology and other paper related fields exchange new products, new technologies New equipment and its operation optimization and efficiency improvement scheme

◆ sharing of the latest technologies of Valmet in the friendly application of man-machine interface in China

-- panguiping, technical expert of Valmet (China) Co., Ltd.

◆ new energy-saving methods and new measures for paper production line

-- yeyingxu, sales director of kaidenjohnson (Wuxi) Technology Co., Ltd.

◆ under the prohibition of waste, Leizhan waste paper complete technical equipment and household paper pulping equipment help paper enterprises save energy, reduce cost and increase efficiency

-- liujianpo, deputy general manager of Zhengzhou leizhan science and Technology Paper Machinery Co., Ltd.

◆ application of new systems such as intelligent warehouse in household paper factories and other paper product factories

-- zhaowentao, general manager of Shandong corundum Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

◆ R & D and application of key equipment of waste paper wet/dry pulp board and chemical mechanical pulp equipment Development of

-- Fujian Light Industry Machinery

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